Sit Back! It's Elementary
Seat Belts, General Safety, Pedestrian and/or School Bus

3 Sit Back! It's Elementary
-Seat Belts General Safety Pedestrian and/or School Bus

The Sit Back! It´s Elementary seat belt program was designed to provide law enforcement officers with tools to educate children about the importance of proper seat belt use, vehicle positioning and general traffic safety. The curriculum was created for Buckle Up Pennsylvania and uses many existing community resources.

Sit Back! is the 2013 update to The Back Is Where It´s At, the Commonwealth's elementary seat belt program since 1999. That program reached approximately 36,000 elementary aged children in over 80 Pennsylvania elementary schools.

Presentations are conducted either by uniformed law enforcement officers or highway safety professionals. Many of the presenters are also certified child passenger technicians.

Program Overview

Sit Back! is designed with the elementary age child in mind. It covers the basics about seat belt and booster seat use, as well as information vehicle positioning and why it's important that children ages 12 and under should always ride in the back seat. In addition to the general child passenger safety lesson plan, comes with three add-on modules - pedestrian safety, school bus safety and combination pedestrian/school bus safety. This allows administrators to choose the option that best suits student needs.

Sit Back! is fast-paced to accommodate short attention spans and covers a multitude of material in a short period of time. Due to the fact that children are directly involved with this presentation, inattentiveness is rarely a problem. In many instances where The Back Is Where It´s At was offered, it has become an integral part of the local seat belt safety initiative.

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Presentations are Free

The programs are appropriate for students in grades K-5. While we recommend that classroom presentations be scheduled with no more than two 60 students per presentation, it is possible to do effective presentations for larger groups. Pre- and post-event surveys and leave behinds can be used to reach students and their families.

Sit Back is completely free and is a public service from PennDOT, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Buckle Up Pennsylvania.