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Free Traffic Safety Presentations for Pennsylvania Students in Grades K-12
Effective Presentations by Local Law Enforcement

Pennsylvania law enforcement is pleased to present traffic safety curricula for students from kindergarten through grade 12. Created specifically to be presented by uniformed law enforcement officers, these programs put students and law enforcement in the same room to discuss the importance of being safe and secure when riding in or driving a vehicle.

The presentations are tailor-made for students at elementary and secondary levels. The elementary program focuses mainly on the proper seats for age, weight and height, seat belt use and the importance of children riding in the back seat until age 13. Pedestrian and school bus modules also are available. The secondary program dives deeper into unsafe behaviors like speeding, DUI and distracted driving. It also cements the seat belt message for older children and teens. This program is available in versions for middle and high school. Finally, the 16 Minutes program is for students who are within one month of celebrating their sixteenth birthdays. This workshop program gives new drivers some face time with a law enforcement officer in their community.

Traffic safety educational programs are sponsored by Buckle Up Pennsylvania and PennDOT and are completely free. Over 8,000 presentations have been conducted, reaching 700,000 students. Contact us to schedule a presentation today.

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Pennsylvania's Traffic Safety Educational Programs are Sponsored by These Agencies: