Survival 101 Presentation

If you have an internet connection, it is best to present from this website: Survival 101 Presentation

Presenting Shortcuts

  • Right, Left - Move Forward and Back along the Path
  • Up, Down - Smart Zoom in or out
  • B - Blackout the screen (move your mouse or press any other key to go back to presenting)
  • Space - Advance along the path (only in Present mode fullscreen)
  • PageUp, PageDown - Move Forward and Back along the Path (not in full screen)
  • Escape - End presentation

Presenting from Downloaded Zip
When you download a Portable prezi, you can:

  • Present without an internet connection on a Mac or PC.
  • Burn your prezi onto a CD or DVD.
  • Distribute your prezi to people so that they can view it but not alter it.

You will now have a zip file that you can unzip and use (start Prezi.exe (PC) or the Prezi file (Mac) to load your Portable Prezi) or send out as you wish.

Presenting from PDF.

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